The YWCA Lower Cape Fear is proud to bring a new teen enrichment program for young girls! Previously, students of Girls Leadership of Wilmington Academy (GLOW) participated exclusively in the YWCA @ GLOW after school program. The program provided a healthy snack, tutoring and homework time, group discussions and activities based from the Girls Circle curriculum and special workshops and activities from community groups. We're happy to announce that we are expanding this program to all middle school aged young women in New Hanover County through our newest enrichment and empowerment program, Reach.

 “Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go,
only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

- Karen Ravn - 


The purpose of the Reach program is to offer resources, education, and experiences that foster healthy development to underrepresented communities, the opportunity to develop and use their voices, and to offer a more accurate perspective on ways to influence the mobility of social change. Through multiple forms of expression, including dance, poetry, art, and music, girls will gain the skills and knowledge needed to be critical thinkers. The Reach program aims to break down social prejudices, and reinvent education about minority students using more accurate racial representation.

Program Highlights:

  • Group discussions, based on the Girls Circle Handbook and model
  • Weekly expression "tracks" including dance, music, language arts, and visual arts
  • One-on-one growth and personal development goal setting
  • Community Show Days, giving students a showcase for their achievements 

Application & Registration

Applications must be filled out before registration closes to be considered. A $25 application fee will be required with the submission of the application. Please email us for enrollment availability and application information.

Program Fees

*Annual YWCA Membership: $25 - $55

Registration Fee: $25

 *Participants must be YWCA members.

Internship & Volunteer Opportunities Available! 

Do you have a passion for working with at-risk youth or a skill set aligned with artistic and therapeutic expression? We are currently looking for interns and volunteers to:

  • Facilitate group discussions and workshops
  • Provide case management for group participants
  • Track the progress of behavioral modifications administered to each participant
  • Teach dance, music, art, or poetry to influence therapeutic release and artistic expression
  • Assist with grant writing and grant applications
  • Organize events in the community and engage with community partners
  • Create meaningful and lasting relationships with participants to foster a safe environment for self-expression and internal exploration
For more information, click to email:
Kylah Thorpe
Teen Enrichment Coordinator
or call 910.799.6820, ext 114