YWCA Lower Cape Fear

New Choices Professional Development Program


What is the New Choices program?

The YWCA's New Choices Professional Development Program believes that economic freedom and self-sufficiency is vital to an individual's success. Our program aids participants by providing them with tuition and textbook assistance for a two-year degree, certificate, or career training programs. The mission of the program is to eliminate the barriers that independent individuals/single-income homes face such as financial aid, transportation, and childcare. 


Who is Eligible?

Any individual who:

a. Has been terminated or laid off, or who has received a notice of termination or layoff,
b. Is eligible for or has exhausted entitlement to unemployment compensation; or
c. Has been employed for a duration sufficient to demonstrate attachment to the workforce, but is not eligible for unemployment compensation; and
d. Is unlikely to return to a previous industry or occupation; or
e. Was self-employed but is unemployed as a result of general economic conditions; or
f. Is a displaced homemaker and working a job that does not support your household 


How does the program work?

Interested applicants must submit applications in person at the YWCA. Once the application has been reviewed, applicants will be interviewed to discuss qualifications and academic/career goals. Once in the program, participants must attend monthly counseling sessions, bi-monthly workshops, and must maintain the necessary GPA requirement to receive tuition assistance.  


What services does the New Choices Program provide?

Direct Service: The New Choices program directs clients and program participants to resources in their local community that can assist them with hardships.

Tuition and Book Assistance Scholarship: provides tuition and book assistance to a 2-year degree, certification, and/or professional/vocational skills training program
Application deadline: June 1st - Fall Semester
                                 September 1st - Spring Semester

Childcare and Transportation Assistance: provides financial assistance to eligible families to help pay for the cost of childcare and transportation so they can work or attend education or training programs 

Career Counseling: provides comprehensive specialized assessment, individual employment planning, counseling, short-term pre-vocational skills, case management, and literary and career goal activities

Open Workshops: occupational skills training, professional development skills, personal and life skills training, and financial literacy workshops (not limited to program participants - open to any individual who RSVPs or reserves a spot)

Support Group:   a new element to the program; the New Choices support group meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:15 pm at the YWCA.  All participants are welcome and encouraged to attend.


How do I qualify for the New Choices Program?

The New Choices program has specific qualifications for the program and specific deadlines that must be met. Please refer to the program brochure or contact the program coordinator for more information.


What is the application process?

Applications can be submitted to the program manager Monday-Friday between 8:30 and 4:00pm. Schedule an appointment to begin the process with us today! 


Who do I contact? 

 For more information contact program manager and Community Outreach Coordinator, Kelly Williams, at 910.799.6820 ext. 114 or kelly@ywca-lowercapefear.org.