Flow Motion

What is Flow Motion?
Flow Motion is a progressive water and land fitness program developed for survivors of breast cancer in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, and Columbus counties. Flow Motion focuses on strengthening targeted areas affected by breast cancer surgeries and treatments, teaching gentle stretching exercises to improve range of 
motion, and relaxation techniques to calm tired bodies.


Thanks to the generous grant funding through the Cape Fear Memorial Foundation, the program is offered for free to survivors who are finished with chemo and radiation treatments.


When can a Survivor participate?
Individuals should discuss beginning a fitness program with their doctor. It’s important that individuals feel ready and comfortable to move and stretch.


Survivors in any stage of recovery are welcome to participate, but must have completed all chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Doctor’s permission is required before beginning the program. External post-surgical drains must be out and incisions healed.

Flow Motion Participant Packet
*Flow Motion Packet with doctor's permission is required before beginning the program.


How does the program operate?
Flow Motion offers a combination of shallow and deep water aerobics and Pilates, tailored to rebuild and strengthen muscle, improve flexibility, and range of motion. Each class consists of warm up, range of motion, aerobic conditioning, and cool down exercises. The initial classes focus only on the participants’ own bodies, as the workouts will vary in individual’s physical limitations.


As participants progress physically, aquatic equipment is introduced. Gloves are utilized to increase surface area and resistance. Other resistance equipment may be used depending on each participant’s needs and progression.


Shallow water exercise is performed in waist to chest deep water. The feet remain in contact with the pool bottom during most of the workout, providing a low impact training option.
Deep water programming is performed in depths that allow the participant to remain vertical (upright) and yet not touch the bottom. Flotation equipment is utilized to maintain correct alignment of the core and provide a zero impact workout.


Land-based Pilates uses weight-bearing stimulus to help mitigate the effects of fatigue associated with treatment, increase flexibility, and build strength. Stretching exercises will promote flexibility, range of motion, and balance. Strength training is vital for maintaining or regaining muscle mass and improving overall functional abilities.
Current Schedule:

Tuesdays, 10:30 am: Pilates
Wednesdays, 9:30 am: Deep Water
Thursdays, 10:30 pm: Pilates


For more information, click to contact:
Beth Andrew
Flow Motion Instructor


Lance Tate
YWCA Aquatics Director


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