Summer Camp


We are proud to offer Summer Camp programs at the following locations:

Main Campus on S. College Road


YWCA at Wesley 
Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church





About the Camp
Ages 5 to 12
Dates of Operation:
Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm 

You can give your child an unforgettable summer camp experience this year at the YWCA Summer Camp program. Camp can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a child’s life. It’s a place to make new friends, learn new skills, explore interests, face challenges, build self-esteem and have fun! The YWCA Summer Camp Program provides quality, affordable childcare in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. The program is a 3 star fully licensed program by the North Carolina Division of Child Development. Licensing # 65000453.


 Camp Highlights

Every child enrolled in the program receives:
  • Nutritional breakfast, a hot lunch and a healthy snack
  • Monday-Thursday swimming in the YWCA Pool
  • Access to the YWCA's 3 acre playground
  • 1-2 field trips per week
  • Opportunities to participate in enrichment activities
The YWCA Summer Camp Program offers a wide range of enrichment activities including:
  • Girls Circle: Girls Circle is built on a research-based model proven to increase girls' self-efficacy, body image and social support. YWCA girls in 2nd-6th grade participate in the Girls Circle Program one day a week.
  • Girl Scouts: We have our own on-site Troop that meets twice a month. The troop works on service projects and of course, sells cookies!
  • 4-H Club: Known as the Cloverbuds, this group meets once a month. Children focus on leadership development and community engagement through club meetings and activities.
  • Lego Club: Open to any child in our program, the children meet once or twice a month for an hour to assemble Lego creations based on a theme.
  • Kids for Peace: A select group of children join this nationally recognized organization whose mission is to cultivate every child's innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experience and hands-on arts, service and projects.
  • Gardening Club: This club helps children learn the value of growing their own food, and caring for plants and flowers.
  • Field Trips: Children participate in off-site activities one to two times a week such as tennis, bowling, roller skating, park visits, historical tours, horseback riding and more! 
Camp Fees 
*Annual YWCA Membership:     $25 - $55 
Registration Fee:                        $30    ($20 for second child, $10 for third child) 
Full-Time, 4-5 days/week:          $130 / per week
Part-time, 1-3 days/week:          $32 / per day
*Participants must be YWCA members.
New Hanover County DSS Child Care vouchers are accepted. 

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For more information, click to email: 
Wanda Harris
Senior Childcare & Youth Enrichment Director
or call 910-799-6820 
Pam Dorman
YWCA @ Wesley Youth Enrichment Director
or call 910-777-3257