"What's Wrong With Different?"

About the Program
"What's Wrong With Different?" is a racial justice program for third grade students in New Hanover County Schools. The program was developed by the YWCA Lower Cape Fear as a hands-on approach to teach students to value, appreciate and respect the differences between people, rather than to view a person who is different as inferior.
"What's Wrong With Different?" provides students with a 45 minute presentation that allows them to reflect on differences and similarities between humans and encourages dialogue around words such as culture, ancestors and melanin. Students then explore individual geographic identities on a globe in relation to their ancestry, helping them to understand their unique physical features, including skin color. The presentation ends with a fun and interactive art activity using skin-tone paint.
The YWCA has partnered with New Hanover County Schools to present this program to over 600 students since 2007.
*Two of our "What's Wrong With Different?" volunteers were nominated and won the 2013 Governor's Award for Volunteer Service for the work they have done with this program!
National Hallmark Program
The YWCA Lower Cape Fear is proud to be one of only eight YWCAs in the country to have a racial justice program selected by the YWCA USA Hallmark Initiative Committee. The programs chosen offer a range of activities that have proven effective and are easy for other YWCAs to duplicate in their communities.
Because "What's Wrong With Different?" is a Hallmark Program, the curriculum is available in the form of a toolkit to other YWCA associations across the country who would like to implement the programming in their area.
For more information on how you can get involved, please call 910.799.6820 or email newchoices@ywca-lowercapefear.org
The pictured displayed above was created by the children of Wrightsboro Elementary School who participated in the "What's Wrong With Different?" Program.