YWCA Membership

Strengthened by diversity, the YWCA draws together members who strive to create opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power in order to attain a common vision of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people. When you join the YWCA Lower Cape Fear, you become part of a worldwide membership movement. The World YWCA unites over 25 million women and girls in 125 countries through our affiliated, autonomous national associations. Membership is open to any individual, regardless of race, religion or gender.


The YWCA is a member-oriented organization. Membership in your YWCA is first and foremost, a statement of your support for the goals and the mission of the YWCA. As a member of YWCA Lower Cape Fear, you will have a voice in one of the largest women’s organizations in the country! Membership fees help support the YWCA Lower Cape Fear’s advocacy programs including New Choices for Displaced Homemakers, “What’s Wrong With Different?,” Grandparent Support Network, Fluid Recovery, Stand Against Racism, Week Without Violence and the Childcare Scholarship Fund.

Mission Member Benefits:
Members have access to a wide array of programs including fitness, health, empowerment, youth programming and child care
Members receive the YWCA Lower Cape Fear newsletter, program updates and have access to the annual report
Members have the opportunity to vote in the annual Board of Directors election
Membership provides the opportunity to serve on YWCA Lower Cape Fear committees and task forces
Members recieve periodic updates of public policy initiatives supported by the YWCA, as well as invitations to special events
Mission Membership Information:
A one-year YWCA Lower Cape Fear membership is required to enroll in any class or program unless otherwise noted
YWCA membership fees are non-refundable
Membership dues alone are not a fee for service
The YWCA reserves the right to revoke the membership of or deny membership to anyone whose conduct, behavior or language is inconsistent with the principles of the YWCA Mission


Annual Membership Fees are as Follows:

Family Membership: $55.00
Youth Membership (-17): $25.00
Individual Membership: $35.00
Senior Membership (60+): $30.00



To purchase or renew your membership, click here or stop by the YWCA Lower Cape Fear today!