YWCA Lower Cape Fear

Centennial Celebration

In 2014, the YWCA Lower Cape Fear celebrated 100 wonderful years of service to this community.
We recognize that reaching this milestone has only been achievable because of the overwhelming support of this community and we thank you.
A message from our Executive Director
One hundred, so much - really in just about any category when you think about it. One hundred dollars, one hundred miles, one hundred people, but one hundred years- that's quite an accomplishment! To not only survive that long, to provide that long and to give for that long, now that is certainly something to celebrate! During these tenuous times businesses and non-profits find themselves struggling to keep their doors open while the YWCA Lower Cape Fear turns 100 years old on April 24, 2014 with its programs thriving and growing and its foundation stronger than ever. With its sound financial footing it continues to strive to bring forth its Mission driven initiatives. After three years it is a true privilege to now lead this organization into what feels like a "Renaissance" phase, a real opportunity for us to bring into focus what is relevant and impacting women and their families and how we can now influence this community in the most profound way possible. For these 100 years our members, donors and friends have made the existence of the YWCA possible and through the guidance, diligence and hard work of hundreds of talented, strong, dedicated staff and volunteers the YWCA has met the needs of our community. The YWCA has been here in so many ways not just as a great place for child care or the best place to learn to swim, the YWCA has met so many needs, provided so many opportunities, eliminated barriers to resources and been there when there was no one else for children with special needs or for a single parent who suddenly finds themselves alone trying to provide for their entire family. The YWCA Lower Cape Fear's unique ability to reach across all cultures and socio-economic categories is to be commended and a great testament to its commitment to its Mission. It is because for the last 100 years you gave, you participated, you believed and because you cared we are still here and I thank you!" -Susan Fennell
YWCA Centennial Quick Links
Because of you the YWCA Lower Cape Fear is able to continue to provide the following at no cost: 
Fluid Recovery- a water exercise program for breast cancer survivors
New Choices Program for Displaced Homemakers
"What's Wrong with Different?"
Girls Circle
Fun Swim to every after school, summer camp and preschool participant
Community Outreach Learn to Swim and Water Safety Programs 
Stand Against Racism
Child Care Scholarships
Women of Achievement- Young Leaders Scholarships