Support survivors of domestic & financial abuse recovering from Hurricane Florence. 

The YWCA Lower Cape Fear is out to help spread awareness of domestic & financial abuse in our community, and raise funds to support New Choices, our economic empowerment program that supports survivors, women, and their families on their path to professional, financial, and emotional self-sufficiency.

This September, the YWCA’s community was hit by Hurricane Florence. The storm has devastated many in Wilmington and our surrounding counties. Many New Choices participants have suffered significant loss of wages, loss of personal property and basic necessities, loss of safe and stable housing, and for some total loss of their homes.

In the wake of natural disasters, incidents of domestic abuse are shown to increase. Many survivors are forced back into abusive relationships because they see no other option. Many lack vital resources and feel powerless and uncertain of how to rebuild.

So how can you help?

Your donation goes directly to participants in our New Choices program that were impacted by Hurricane Florence. Many of these women and their families were already struggling to rebuild their lives after escaping an abusive environment, only to be further set back from the damage inflicted by Hurricane Florence.

Your donation not only supports survivors of domestic and financial abuse in getting their independence back but also support recovery efforts that they face as our community begins to rebuild.

Every bit helps.
Thank you so much for supporting our cause.

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