Nominate a Woman of Achievement

Official 2022 Women of Achievement Nomination Form

Please make sure you read and fully understand the following qualifications nominees will be evaluated on:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to the YWCA mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all;
  • Serves as a role model and/or mentor to other women and girls;
  • Advocates for positive social change that helps close the leadership gap and create a more equitable society;
  • Supports policies, practices, attitudes, and/or actions that are intended to produce equitable outcomes for all;
  • Gives back to the community through her time, talent, and/or resources;
  • Exhibits leadership in her field and/or in community outreach
  • Has earned respect within her community.

A well-written nomination should include the specific examples that illustrate how the nominee fulfills the quality of the award category.  Responses like, “Jane is a wonderful woman who does so much for her community,” while very likely true, aren’t as impactful. The selections committee needs to know specifically what the nominee does for her community and why you think it matters. Failure to include information in a particular area will significantly affect the success of your nominations.

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