Until Justice Just Is: Conversations for Peace

(Previously Potluck for Peace)

When we first conceived this event our intention was to bring together a diverse group of people in an effort to impact peaceful change in our community through food, fellowship and enriching dialogue. The goal was to create a powerful conversation about change, acceptance and awareness.

Despite the name change, the intention and goal are still the same. We are furthering our advocacy and racial justice work to continue to propel our mission forward.

Until we can live the fair and inclusive lives we deserve.
Until we are treated with dignity, respect and equity.
Until justice is an expectation – not the exception.

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Conversations for Peace Best Practices

These can be hard conversations. In order to keep all of us safe, to ensure everyone is heard, and to keep us on track please review the following best practices:

  1. We are here to listen. We are to highlight the voices and experiences of women and people of color.
  2. Be slow to anger. Our experiences are different. We are here to listen and converse. If you feel yourself getting offended or angry please take a deep breath and take a sip of water. 
  3. Be respectful. If you feel the need to say phrases such as “don’t get offended by, or I don’t mean to be rude, but” please refrain. It will be offensive and it will be rude.
  4. Be ready. We all came with the same mission, to pursue justice until it just is. We came with the same mission to have a conversation with our community on how we can be better advocates for equity.