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Talk On Race Series


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Talk On Race can be watched on YWCA’s YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and the YWCA website.

If you are interested in being a panelist for Talk On Race please email Jhaniqua Palmer at

About YWCA Talk On Race

Talk On Race is an effort to engage with the community in conversation as we race towards an equitable and just society. Each month we focus on a sector of society, and pull in experts and community leaders to discuss disparities, implicit and explicit bias, how racism shows up in their work, and their hope for our community and the future.

Watch Previous Episodes Below

Season 2: Episode 3 | Interracial Friendships
Season 2: Episode 2 | Transracial Adoption
Season 2: Episode 1 | Interracial Relationships
Season 1: Episode 16 | Candidates for Wilmington City Council
Season 1: Episode 15 | In the Media
Season 1: Episode 14 | YWCA's Who What Why
Season 1: Episode 13 | Race to Reconcile
Season 1: Episode 12 | Beauty Undefined
Season 1: Episode Eleven | Redistricting Reform: Creating Fair Elections
Season 1: Episode Ten | Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Season 1: Episode Nine | Maternal Health
Season 1: Episode Eight | Women in Leadership
Season 1: Episode Seven | Mental Health
Season 1: Episode Six | Youthful Minds
Season 1: Episode Five | A Celebration of Indigenous People
Season 1: Bonus Episode | Week Without Violence: Domestic Violence
Season 1: Episode Four | Public Safety
Season 1: Episode Three | Get Out the Vote
Season 1: Episode Two | School Talk On Race
Season 1: Episode One | Wilmington's Talk on Race

Bonus Episode from YWCA USA | Voices of Young Women of Color: Racial Justice

YWCA USA asked Generation Z women of color about the racial justice concerns facing their communities. Listen to what they have to say: