DaycareAs part of one of the largest networks of affordable early childhood education providers in the nation, the YWCA’s daycare, the Early Learning Academy, has provided quality care and education to young children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, for 37 years in our community.

YWCA’s Early Learning Academy is full-day daycare that offers a variety of social, emotional and physical development among children. We provide praise and positive reinforcement while encouraging children to develop positive concepts and problem-solving skills. Our experienced staff provides a caring, loving atmosphere while also teaching positive values in an educational setting.

The YWCA has enhanced the Early Learning Academy focus to include early literacy, global awareness, and cultural competency. Our new curricula is a welcoming and inclusive space for children of all socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. We ensure that all children are ready for kindergarten and prepared for life-long resiliency and academic success through age-appropriate activities that build

  • Cognitive development
  • Confidence
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • Early literacy
  • Healthy emotional expression
  • Positive parent-child interactions
  • Everyday play
  • School readiness
  • Global awareness
  • Engaging social interactions


  • Over 37 years of experience providing care to children
  • Fully licensed by the North Carolina Division of Child Development
  • High-quality, year-round care, and education
  • Affordable (New Hanover County DSS vouchers accepted)
  • Safe & secure facility, utilizing ID badges & required check-in for entrance
  • Highly trained and qualified staff
  • Play-based approach to reach developmental milestones
  • Trusting relationships between caregivers, children, and their families
  • Nutritious daily AM and PM snack

Program Fees

Annual YWCA Membership:$25 - $55
Annual Registration Fee: (Due upon enrollment and billed annually each August.)$30 per child
Weekly Tuition:See below, fees vary based on age & program enrollment.

Full-Day Program, M-F, 7 am - 6 pm

Half-Day Program, M-F, 8 am - 12 pm

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